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Surgery ?

If you need surgery

Out-patient or in-patient?

Most surgical procedures on the hand, skin and soft tissues, and even many trauma surgical procedures can be performed on an out-patient basis. Out-patient procedures are performed in the Kelkheim Surgical Centre. These procedures usually only last a few hours. During your stay, you will receive comprehensive care from a highly experienced team of physicians and nurses as well as medical assistants, whose paramount concern is your well-being. You are responsible for arranging your own transport to and from your procedure. You will be provided with detailed information and out-patient surgery instructions before you leave. We will also provide you with pain medication and, if necessary, assistive devices. When you are discharged, you will receive a post-operative instruction sheet, which also contains a telephone number where you can reach your surgeon any time if you have any questions or problems.

For more complicated surgical procedures or where co-morbidities are present, you may seek in-patient treatment by Dr. Weyland at the following hospitals Hochtaunus Clinic in Bad Homburg

Local or general anaesthesia?

Since the types of anaesthesia primarily used for hand surgery are local or regional (to the hand or arm area only), they are well tolerated even by older patients and patients with co-morbidities where general anaesthesia is not recommended.

Before any scheduled surgery, you will be given detailed information about the surgical procedure itself, as well as pre- and post operative instructions. You will also have a consultation with an anaesthesiologist, who will advise you about the type of anaesthesia that is best-suited for you and the particular procedure you are having.

And what about after surgery?

On the day after surgery, we usually have you come to the office to change your dressing and answer any questions you may have about the completed procedure. Then we will discuss with you whether follow-up care can be provided by your primary care physician or the referring specialist. In this case, we will provide you with all the documents and information that your physician requires to provide follow-up care. 

If you prefer, Dr. Weyland herself can provide follow-up care until recovery is complete. Particularly when complex injuries and complicated surgical procedures are involved, Dr. Weyland's longstanding and extensive experience as a medical specialist offers patients the support they need to achieve the best possible outcome.


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